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What To Do In December

We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year and December is very much about celebrating the festive season with loved ones - and it’s also a time for quiet reflection. However, not all of us are looking for activities to celebrate Christmas. Some of us would...

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What To Do In November

With Autumn now truly in its stride, we are experiencing blustery days and treated to cosy nights. We also have one very important date in November – Guy Fawkes’ Night - and are always presented with many different ways to celebrate this steadfast occasion. However,...

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Love October? Where To Go And What To See

October brings with it the midst of Autumn. It’s traditionally a month where we’ve gotten over the summer hedonism and just about to think about the stresses of Christmas and all that brings.  Therefore, we need to savour every last drop of “normality” that this “best...

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Microplastics – The Evil Villain

Many of us underestimate the sheer scale of the issue with plastics in our oceans. Maybe it’s because the vast majority of us don’t live in coastal areas to see the problem physically worsen, or maybe we’re simply turning a blind eye to it, because it’s the easiest...

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